The Donut Bar

suga suga how ya get so fly?

just like you, our flavors are constantly changing!

June flavours: cookies + cream | Toaster strudEl | the homer | Eminem | Pb Dream | Honey glazed | Fruity pebbles | boston cream | s’mores

curious about a list of all of our flavours??

(we got you)


cookie monster

toaster strudel

cinnamon toast

cookies + cream

the homer (basic)


pb crunch


toasted coconut

almond joy

fruity pebbles

lucky b

honey glazed (basic)

pb oreo

boston cream

creme brulee

animal party

fruity loopy


maple dip (basic)

reese’s pieces

unicorn love (custom)

mermaid (custom)

oreo panda (custom)

carrot cake

death by chocolate

pumpkin spice (seasonal)

cherry pie

coconut cream

the jam jam

snow-nut (basic)

sweet + salty

strawberry shorty (seasonal)

glen coco

birthday cake (seasonal)

maple walnut

pb + jelly