The Donut Bar

the thrill

A girl + her kitchen + a crazy passion and a mind full of ideas = the perfect recipe for a foolish donut bar.  We like donuts, and we sure as hell hope you do too. 


Our donuts

They're fresh-to-death... need we say more?!... Okay, okay! Our donuts are made fresh every. single. day, but more specifically, every single MORNING. So here's the catch : we don't believe in killing ourselves throughout the day, and we hold our donuts to a very high standard, so if ya want 'em, you best be comin' early, cause once they're gone, they're gone! ...And believe me, you don't wanna miss 'em. We like to mix things up, by combining interesting flavors with a bunch of random sh*t... The result --> a mouth full of total awesomeness.... & they're not bad to look at either.


our mission

We aim to push the boundaries on the traditional donut by combining unique flavors with some of your childhood favorites. let your wild side hang free, come get baked at the donut bar.