Frequently asked question

Okay, we get it. You have questions.  Below are some of the most common:

so like, why don't you make more donuts?

Ohhh if only it were THAT easy.  We're a small batch, boutique style bakery.  Our donuts are labor intensive, and made entirely by hand.  We are not a chain or a factory.  We value the quality of our product over the quantity.  Our donuts are fresh (to death), not frozen.


do you really have a donut limit!?

We DID have a donut limit for the first month of opening.  We put a 4 donut per human limit in place to allow more people the opportunity to try out our donuts!  After the first month of opening, that limit was lifted, and you are now able to purchase as many donuts as you would like! We do ask, however, that you place a pre order for any orders over two dozen.


I don't understand, why do you close when sold out?! how is this even a thing!?

We understand that this is a new concept for Frederictonians, however this is not a new concept for the Donut world... or even the baking industry in general.  Donuts are very labor intensive, and require a lot of attention to detail as you are working with active yeast and many other factors.  Unless you have a factory-like set up, they cannot be mass produced.


pre- / custom / bulk orders?

We are now taking pre-, custom, and bulk orders! Email melissa@thedonutbarfreddy for details on availability.

i can’t find a phone number!?!

We don’t own a phone. I know, it’s a little strange. But believe me, it’s for the best! If you have any questions at all, we would be more than happy to address them in person, or via email! (


What's the difference between "cake donuts" + "Raised donuts"?

So, a cake donut is exactly how it sounds; it's made with a dough similar to that used to bake a cake.  A cake donut is very dense in nature, has a rich "nutty" flavor, and usually results in a few too many crumbs. 

"Raised donuts" are a little different.  A raised donut requires much more work, and to be honest, can be pretty fussy at times.  A raised donut is made with yeast, which allows the dough to rise and become light and fluffy.  Raised donuts have a much more appealing demeanor, as they are a lot less dense than a traditional cake donut.... and lets face it, you can eat a hell of a lot more raised donuts than cake donuts.

are you nut safe?

Unfortunately, we are not nut safe. We bake in extremely small quarters, are are unable to control cross-contamination.


do you have gluten free options?

Technically none of our donuts are "gluten free," as that would require us to constantly be draining the oil from our equipment, which to be honest with you, is just NOT feasible. We do however plan to have "low-gluten" donuts.  The dough of these donuts themselves will be gluten free, but the oil in which they will be fried may contain remnants of our traditional donuts, causing a cross-contamination, and thus not being sans gluten.

do you have vegan options?

No….. not….yet!


what is the shelf life of your donuts?

We don't use preservatives. So eat them ASAP!

can i throw your donuts in the fridge?

Nope.  If you don't plan on eating your donuts (plural, cause who's really going to have just one?) right away, keep them at room temperature.

what is life?

We're also trying to figure that out.  But in the mean time T R E A T - Y O - S E L F